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Paper Ring Sizer Printable - Take advantage of your chosen jeweler’s ring size chart; How to use a paper ring sizer. Web this ring sizer printable can be used to accurately determine your finger size. On the ring sizer, cut along the dotted line, making a small slot. World of prin˜bl˚ 3 14.1 mm 4 14.9 mm 5 15.7 mm 6 16.5 mm 7 17.5 mm 8 18.1 mm 9 18.9 mm 10 19.8 mm 11 20.6 mm 12 21.4 mm 13 22.2 mm 14 23.0 mm 15 23.8 mm 16 24.6 mm measure a ring you already have! We designed this simple and free printable paper ring sizer for you impatient folks (like us) or last minute folks (also like us) who may not have time to wait a few days for the reusable plastic ring sizer to arrive in the mail. Measure a ring you already have! When printing, print the ring sizer at 100% setting a4 on your printer for an accurate scale. Web the printable ring sizer method. Web ring chart & sizer.

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Web measuring your ring size at home: Shape and size of your finger; • cut along cut slit to make a slit. Simply slide your finger into the sizer until you find a size that feels right. Your ring size is the measurement on the ring sizing chart. Print this page and cut out the ring sizer shown above. Web this ring sizer is for indication only it is important to make sure you have your ring size measured professionally before making a purchase. Web thorum printable paper ring sizer. Print the ring sizer file by clicking the print icon. For accuracy, please ensure that pdf is printed at 100% • print and carefully cut out our paper ring sizer below. If you don't have any of those, you can even use paper. Three methods to size your ring. Start by placing the flat end of the strip on the finger, and wrap the arrow end around until the fit is snug. • cut a small piece of string, thread or ribbon from a spool. Ring sizer, reusable ring sizer, adjustable plastic ring size finder, full half size us, ring size tool, discover your true ring size. For accuracy, do not print this page! Place the ring sizer around your finger, then slip the pointed end through slit with the numbers facing out. For accuracy, please ensure that pdf is printed at 100%. Wrap it snugly around your ˜nger for an accurate measurement. Web still unsure which printable ring sizer is best for your small business?

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